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Breakfast: Thursday November 17

Published: 5:53AM Thursday November 17, 2011 Source: Breakfast

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Funding for Schools

The president of the Secondary Principals' Association says it's a shame schools have to take matters into their own hands when it comes to funding. Patrick Walsh talks to Breakfast.

Balancing roads and public transport

The discussion around transport as an election issue pits road spending against public transport - but does it have to be a case of one or the other? Ken Shirley from the Road Transport Forum and Cameron Pitches from the Campaign for Better Transport debate the issue.

Raymond Miller on the debate

Political analyst Raymond Miller joins Breakfast for a breakdown of the major talking points from TV ONE's minor party leaders' debate last night.

Act Party: Don Brash

The minor parties squared off in TV ONE's leaders' debate last night. Act leader Don Brash discusses the debate, campaign trail and previews the party's education policy.

Steve Marshall in Australia

US President Barack Obama has touched down in Canberra for his first official visit to Australia. Steve Marshall has the latest.

Reporter round up

With Brooke, Lucas and James

Rutherford Medal Winner

Professor Christine Winterbourn has won the country's highest science and technology honour - the Rutherford Medal. Professor Winterbourn is the first woman to be awarded the prestigious medal in its twenty year history.

Movie review: Twilight: Breaking Dawn

One of the year's most anticipated releases finally hits theatres today. Jo Hunkin takes a bite out of Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

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