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Breakfast: Thursday, December 5

Published: 8:20PM Wednesday December 04, 2013 Source: Breakfast

Today on Breakfast - political drama this week with Cunliffe's tweet; Banks' decisision to not stand again; the asset sale proceeds being scaled down and our education rankings dropping - Political Editor Corin Dann will unravel the strands and tell us what it all means for the election next year.

And Principals Federation President Phillip Harding reacts to the OECD report and explains what principals think should be done in response.

Plus we speak to researcher Dr Nicola Starkey about new Waikato University research showing the longer alcohol is in your system, the worse your driving gets. It goes against the generally accepted thought that you should wait until you feel ready to drive after having a few drinks.

Assistant Police Commissioner Malcolm Burgess joins us to talk about a record-breaking police operation where over $120 million of drugs and assets were seized.

We hang out with singer-songwriter Jack Johnson as he combines music and environmental messages for some lucky Kiwi kids.

We go live to Showbiz Correspondent Alicia Malone in LA for a look at new photos of Katy Perry and John Mayer and the Kardashian family Christmas card.

Tim Wilson meets Nick and persuades him to star in a Take Me Home segment.

And with the Christmas countdown on; Kristin Hall gets the inside word on hot toys from The Warehouse's young toy-testers.

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