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Breakfast: Thursday, April 19

Published: 6:15AM Thursday April 19, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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Latest on John Key's trade mission

Breakfast checks in with ONE News political reporter Jessica Mutch.

Impact on economy of dairy products auction price fall

Prices at Fonterra's fortnightly dairy products auction have fallen to 2009 levels. How much could this hurt our economy and will it mean consumers end up paying less for milk?

What do business owners make of Christchurch CBD plan?

The new plan for managing the rebuild of Christchurch's CBD has been announced, so what do business owners make of it? Breakfast speaks to property owner and managing director of Hereford Holdings, Antony Gough.

Convicted paedophile allowed to live with two children

The shocking case of the child sex offender allowed into a home with other kids: who is to blame and how can it be prevented from happening again? Breakfast speaks to barrister and legal commentator Catriona MacLennan.

School claims it is being punished for innovation

A Northland school is defying Government moves to close its senior classes due to poor academic achievement.

Moerewa School principal Keri Milne-Ihimaera tells Breakfast her school is being punished for innovating, before NZQA chief Dr Karen Poutasi outlines the case for closing the school's classes.

Cost of going after illegal downloaders

A Telstra-Clear customer looks to be the first person to be served an enforcement notice under new the "three strikes" internet piracy law. TUANZ Chief Executive Paul Brislen looks at the cost of going after illegal downloaders.

MPs Jami-Lee Ross and Jacinda Ardern

Political insiders Jami-Lee Ross (National) and Jacinda Ardern (Labour) tackle the week's big issues, including reaction the plan for Christchurch's CBD rebuild, the Prime Minister's trip to Indonesia and Sky City's bid to expand its casino.

Latest from Australia over jobs

Many Australia companies are exporting jobs to New Zealand to avoid soaring wages and a high Australian dollar, Breakfast gets the details from Australia Correspondent Steve Marshall.

What can you do over accessing KiwiSaver funds?

If you are signed up, at least 2-percent of your wage is going into Kiwisaver every payday. But if your budget gets too tight, or you would like to access some of that cash - what can you do? Nadine Chalmers-Ross explores the options.

Kiwi film makes Cannes Film Festival category

New Zealand film Night Shift has been made a finalist in the short film category for Cannes Film Festival. Breakfast talks to its director Zia Mandivwalla.

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