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Breakfast: Saturday, September 22

Published: 6:28PM Friday September 21, 2012 Source: Breakfast

On Saturday Breakfast, September 22. Weatherman Sam is out on the farm for Ardmore School's 'Ag Day' while Toni and Tamati have interviews on:

US Secretary of Defence
Political Editor Corin Dann explains the importance of a US Secretary of Defense visiting NZ for the first time in decades.

New water safety campaigned launched
14 preschoolers drowned last year in NZ and all deaths were preventable. Water Safety NZ joins Breakfast to talk about its new campaign to get parents to always supervise their kids around water.

Poets go into battle
Poetry battles have become a new way to launch aspiring poets literary careers. Breakfast talks the event organiser of the Rising Voices Poetry Slam ahead of the battle in Auckland tonight.

Weekly Challenge
In a new series for Saturday Breakfast, the team attempt to host the perfect dinner party for each other in the style of popular TV programme 'Come Dine With Me'. This week, we kick it off at Toni's house.

Slimmer of the year
Meet the 2012 slimmer of the year and hear how she's changed her life.

Paper Plus: Biographies
Breakfast talks to our Paper Plus book critic about the bestselling biographies bound to suit everyone's taste.

The tricks to successful weight loss
Breakfast speaks to Weight Watchers to find out why its programme works and get some practical examples of "good" food options.

Toni's farewell
She has graced our screens on Saturday mornings for just over a year, so the team has a few surprises in store for Toni's last day.

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