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Breakfast: Saturday, June 30

Published: 9:52AM Saturday June 30, 2012 Source: Breakfast

Rising Family Court fees
Family court fees are set to rise starting from July 1, with critics saying children will suffer while couples try to resolve matter outside court. Selina Trigg from the firm Family Law Results joins Breakfast to talk about how she thinks the changes will play out.

Tackling violent youth offending
New research has for the first time explained how violent youth offenders with a Pacific Island background differ from their Maori and European counterparts. Lawyer and youth advocate Frank Godinet talks to Breakfast about to tackle levels of violent crime in the group.

Saturday Challenge: Home-Staging
Toni and Tamati try "home-staging"- they dress a new Universal showhome to impress prospective buyers.

The psychology of home-staging
Paul McKenzie from explains the psychology of home-staging, whether it works and the surprising short amount of time people take to decide to buy.

Elijah Wood on Kiwi short films
Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood is a judge for 48hr film competition - he talks to Toni Street about the competition and updates Breakfast on his plans involving New Zealand.

Author of The Inheritance Cycle
Famous American author Christopher Paolini talks about his internationally best-selling series "The Inheritance Cycle".

NZ's 48-hour film competition
The 48-hr film competition has hit its 10-year anniversary. Organiser Ant Timpson joins Breakfast to talk "furious fim-making" and explain how participating can become a life-changing event.

Trends for children's parties
Kids parties just seem to be getting bigger and bigger. So what are parents actually spending their money on and is it all getting a bit over the top?

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