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Paul Henry giggles into world headlines

Published: 3:55PM Thursday October 15, 2009 Source: ONE News

  • Paul Henry (Source: ONE News)
    Paul Henry - Source: ONE News

Breakfast's Paul Henry has taken two spots on's list of the world's 20 best moments of uncontrollable laughing on television.

He took 16th spot for falling into hysterics during a conversation with co-host Kay Gregory about Chinese astrology.

What was so funny? Well he found out he was probably an ass.

Watch the video below:

He made the list again, coming 17th, for resorting to elaborate facial gymnastics in an attempt to suppress his laughter, before spitting water over Pippa.

Watch the video here:

The number one spot was claimed by BBC cricket commentator Brian Johnston who fell to pieces after his colleague, Jonathan Agnew, joked that a batsman "couldn't quite get his leg over" the stumps.

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