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By Chloe the Krill

Published: 11:06AM Monday May 11, 2009 Source: Breakfast

It has been another busy, yet exciting week for me despite doing a lot of cleaning. The other morning I came into work.....only to find out that Wayne Brady, star of Whose Line is it Anyway was coming onto the show today!

I quickly looked down at what I was wearing. Damn. I really should have worn something more glamorous and less casual. Usually I only wear casual clothes as they always end up getting dirty. Maybe I should invest in an apron, labelled 'Krill'. Anyway, for me, meeting Wayne Brady is a big deal. I used to watch him when I was younger and admire his amazing talent and the way he could sing anything on cue. For today, I knew I had to put down my dustpan and broom and glam up. Even if it meant a bit of lippy, perfume and a quick hair curl. The rest of the Breakfast team were just as excited to meet the man himself, but only Krill is allowed to 'meet and greet' while the others had to stay behind their computers.

Wayne turned out to be the most down to earth bloke I have ever met. He was so friendly, funny and dare I say, SEXY! He had on tight black jeans, a black polo and his cologne carried through the halls of TVNZ. There I was, staring at him, trying desperately to find something impressive to say, but ended up grabbing his arm, pulling it to my face and in awe announcing like a true idiot 'Wow, your watch is very sparkly.' Nice. I wandered back to the cupboard and pulled out my dustpan again.

His interview with Paul went so well, with our favourite lady on autocue, Helen, being dragged on set by Wayne himself, despite her weak knees at his sex appeal. I thought he was sexy, but didn't find myself sweating over him. Unfortunately, Helen did. Just before he left, he told me I could have a backstage pass to his Saturday night Comedy Show. I've never been offered anything like that before! I knew I should have just said yes, thank you and shook his hand. But in the moment, all that came out was a squeal. Nice again. But in case you're wondering, I did attend the Comedy Show and went out for a few cheeky beverages with him afterwards. It was a mighty success. Go Krill!

It's been fairly busy behind the scenes lately with a lot of events occurring on the news. People have been working very hard and keeping their heads down. But amidst the gloom, Breakfast is still able to laugh behind the scenes. One of the things that make us laugh is some of the feedback we receive. Some of your texts and emails are very funny! Some viewers even send in gifts! One of the gifts I will tell you about was what we received not too long ago. It was in a small pink packaged box addressed to the 'Breakfast Team'. After the show, Paul and Alison always come into the newsroom to the area where the Breakfast team sit and we all have a quick discussion about the show. Paul and Ali discuss what they thought worked well and not so well. Well, when Paul and Alison came into the newsroom, it was time to open the small box. We all peered inside in anticipation. Inside, wrapped in cellophane was&woman's underwear. A black g-string! The team burst out in laughter. What were we meant to do with it and why were we sent it? There was no note. It was an odd anonymous present.

With cleaning tools on hand, I shovelled the g-string up, put on my yellow gloves and hung it on the producer's wall in his office. He hasn't taken it down! So whenever we are all in his office, we can't help but laugh at the fact that he must not be bothered by the fact he has a g-string hanging up, whether it's new or not! It really is an eye sore though! So for the viewer who sent us a g-string and whether it's your own or you bought it brand new, it remains a prominent feature of Tony (the producers) office.

Till next time,

I am being ordered to butter a bun.

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  • chadnz said on 2013-04-03 @ 15:59 NZDT:

    Chloe i remember you back in the day you were awesome to watch. And damn you were a cutey. Wonder what happened to you these days?

  • Simon_Visser said on 2009-06-30 @ 21:22 NZDT:

    Oh yes it would! I can picture it now..... you, me, a cheap bottle of wine on the top of a mountain in a snowstorm! we could take the one news helecoptor if they have one! I'm glad your enjoying your newly beloved job at 'breakfast' and i wish you the very best for the future. You could knit me a sweater anyday sweety!..... Silly "SallySays," dosn't know a good reporter if it hit her in the bottom! Have a good day tomorow at work! i'll be watching! Whens your next snow report?? Simon!

  • krill said on 2009-06-30 @ 10:24 NZDT:

    Hey Simon! Thankyou so much for your message! I'm glad you like the blogs - I really enjoy writing them but once I get started I just can't stop - so have to keep chopping them down! Snow all year would be a goody :)

  • Simon_Visser said on 2009-06-29 @ 21:21 NZDT:

    Hey chloe! I always watch breakfast in the mornings before i go to school in Sunny Nelson! I think that the program has now got so insanly good talent since you have joined the team! Keep up the snow report, if it were up to me, id make it snow all year round just so you can keep reporting! Have a really good night, your crush...... Simon!

  • nzrodders said on 2009-06-29 @ 11:37 NZDT:

    "my face looked like a dropped pie" I've never heard that saying before but it cracked me up! Always look forward to your blogs and your weekly snow report. Keep up the good work!

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