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Monday November 17

Published: 8:10AM Monday November 17, 2008

Fertility test
A revolutionary new test for women will allow them to accurately assess their fertility and when they should be getting pregnant. Dr Guy Gudex joins Breakfast to explain.

A new Prime Minister
Breakfast speaks to Prime Minister-designate John Key about his first week in the role.

Internet addiction
China has become the first country in the world to officially declare internet addiction a clinical disorder. Breakfast talks to psychologist Marc Wilson to find out if New Zealand should follow suit.

Biofuel business
Breakfast meets Ben Hawkins and James Douglas who have started their own biofeul business. For more information call Ben Hawkins on 021 350 694 or email

BMW 118d
Kyle Cassidy of Autocar magazine reviews the BMW 118d for Breakfast.

The business of advertorials
Media commentator Irene Gardiner looks at the increasing number of advertorial promotions in newspapers, which are seen as a sign of tough times in the news business.

Medical researcher Dr Shaun Holt speaks to Breakfast about gout, and what can be done to prevent and treat it.

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