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Breakfast: Monday August 8

Published: 6:20AM Monday August 08, 2011 Source: Breakfast

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Are bad bosses driving away good workers?
Could New Zealand's inability to lift productivity be driven by poor management? Dr Rhema Vaithianathan from Auckland University's Business School says unless we address our bad bosses, the economy will continue to lag and workers will continue to leave.

Prime Minister John Key on debt
Prime Minister John Key joins Breakfast for a discussion centred on debt: can New Zealand's economy weather the storm hitting Europe and America? Should we fear Chinese agricultural investment? And why are more KiwiSaver changes planned?

Growing demand for help with eating disorders
A new programme aimed at getting help to young people with eating disorders as quickly as possible opens today. Darryl Prince, psychiatrist with the Recovery Solutions Group Trust, discusses why there's a growing demand for services like this.

US Correspondent Tim Wilson
For the latest news out of America, Breakfast checks in with US Correspondent Tim Wilson.

SADD discusses new drink drive laws
SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) week kicks off today, as new laws around blood alcohol limits for drivers under 20 are introduced. National manager Anna Reid talks about SADD week and the impact of the law change.

Reporter Round Up
With Anna, Lucas and Charlotte

Online Expert on latest cyber attacks

Security experts have discovered a series of cyber attacks on more than 70 organisations, including the United Nations. And we hear about the newlyweds who traded the church minister for the computer monitor. Breakfast checks in with online expert Peter Griffin.

Charlotte talks caravans

Breakfast talks to the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association about the art of living on four wheels.

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