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Breakfast: Monday August 20

Published: 6:47AM Monday August 20, 2012 Source: Breakfast

US drought
Drought in the US is having an impact on prices for dairy. Breakfast finds out whether it could spark massive food price inflation.

News from the US
US Correspondent Jack Tame has the latest news out of America.

Dining trends
Restaurant Association Chief Executive Marisa Bidois discusses New Zealand's dining trends. Despite tough economic times, Kiwis are still choosing to dine out frequently.

Prime Minister John Key
Prime Minister John Key on the latest deaths in Afghanistan and the laws around keeping criminals behind bars.

Gay marriage
Pacific leader Reverend Uesifili Usana talks about the unease amongst the Pacific community surrounding the gay marriage bill which is in Parliament this week for its first reading.

Alcohol labelling
Bodo Lang, marketing senior lecturer at the University of Auckland, discusses whether alcohol branding should face the same scrutiny as plain cigarette packaging.

The state of rugby
Breakfast looks at a report outlining the sorry state of our national game and asks what needs to be done to save it. 

Weekend sport wrap
Sports presenter Jenny-May Coffin takes a look at the sporting highlights over the weekend.

Disaster conference
Thomas Wilson from Canterbury University, which is hosting experts from around the world for a natural hazards management conference, talks about what this will entail.



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