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Breakfast: Monday April 30

Published: 6:00AM Monday April 30, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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US Correspondent
US Correspondent Jack Tame with the latest news out of America.

Restaurant industry
Fast-paced prime time cooking shows are getting young Kiwis salivating at the thought of a career in hospitality, Breakfast finds out how the restaurant industry's keeping up with demand for apprenticeships around the country.

Drugs and society
Over the last two decades arrests for cannabis possession have halved, despite a police reassurance that they are not soft on drugs. Massey University drug researcher Chris Wilkins tells Breakfast it might be society that has gone soft instead.

Prime Minister John Key
It looks like trouble is brewing for the government with Act's sole MP John Banks under the gun for "anonymous" election donations. Breakfast asks Prime Minister John Key if he is confident Banks has nothing to hide.

Hunting accidents
The 2012 hunting season is off to a tragic start with the second accidental death this month. Tim McCarthy of the Deerstalkers' Association tells Breakfast these kinds of accidents are entirely avoidable if rules are followed.

Cow pooling
Breakfast takes a look at the new frugal way to live- "cow pooling" and talks to NZ Beef and Lamb about whether the practice is legal. Federated Farmers talks about its impact on the farming industry.

Money Matters with Nadine Chalmers-Ross
With some experts changing their tune on the right time to fix your mortgage, Nadine Chalmers-Ross looks at what you can do if you jumped too soon.

Sports wrap
Breakfast checks in with sport commentator Jenny-May Coffin for a wrap of the week's sport.

Looking for a relaxing holiday destination? Julia Paley from House of Travel tells us about amazing spa experiences in Thailand, Bali and Malaysia.

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