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The Great Coffey Road Trip: Day nine, Rangiora

By Tamati Coffey in Rangiora

Published: 3:24PM Monday November 09, 2009 Source: Breakfast

Well what a fantastic week it has been travelling from Otago through to North Canterbury! We've had pretty fantastic weather too, couldn't have asked for more sun or a better turnout from the towns.

We finished up today (Friday) in Rangiora, 25km north of Christchurch. We set up at Victoria Park, just beside the rotunda. The locals all rocked up to show their support and to have their free coffee from the McCafe Winnebago Cruiser.

Despite Tom, our Winnebago driver managing to run over and destroy one of the parks' bollards to get our vehicles into the park, the rest of the morning went very smoothly! This was Tom's second accident of the week , though, as he managed to drive into a tree in Oamaru on Monday!

Turns out Rangiora had the hottest day ever recorded in New Zealand in February of 1973, so we talked to Tim, who was in fact fighting fires on that very day. I also tried a few shots of mead (it's like honey-wine, very sweet and warm!) from Leon, who owns and operates the only meadery in New Zealand.

And then we had down a few llamas to do an obstacle course for us! They were fantastic...although they do say never work with children or animals...and now I know why. Bubba Gump, a baby llama wasn't too pleased to stand next to me when I was going through the old isobar maps. Maybe he saw a cold front coming on!!

Now we're preparing to head to Kaikoura for Monday's weather hopefully I'll get to taste test some of the local cuisine while I'm there!

Til next time..


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