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Gadget gifts for Mum

Published: 7:43AM Wednesday April 29, 2009 Source: Breakfast

Gadget girl Tee Twyford, editor of reviews a range of Mother's Day gadget gifts to pamper and primp a stressed-out mum.

Tee's already done the hard work for you, scouring the globe for the latest innovations.

Check out these out of the box inspiration and go for geek chic this year with these pampering innovations...

For the Mum who has a shower full of products and no time to relax...

Geek Chic solution: Methven Shower Infusions Kit
Local company Methven (makers of the Maia Beauty Shower) have released another addition to their at-home spa treatment series, with their Shower Infusions kits that can be used either with your usual shower set-up or with the Beauty Shower itself for a really luxurious morning treatment.

To use, you just attach the Shower Infusions pod between your existing shower hose and your shower rail/slide/head, pop in a cartridge containing one of the four essential oil Shower Infusions and when you turn on your shower, the water runs through the pod and is infused with fragrance and natural plant extracts of Horopito, Harakeke and Kawakawa, absorbing into your skin and leaving your bathroom smelling divine.

Because your skin soaks up the goodness of natural plant extracts, you have less need for other body washes and body oils in the shower, or even moisturisers afterwards.

RRP: $149.00 for the starter kit, refills $19.95 each
More info and to buy: Smith and Caugheys in Auckland or from May 1

For the Mum who needs to relax and recharge...

Geek Chic solution: Pure Fiji Exotic Warm Seashell Massage
While the technical innovations of these shells will probably appeal more to the beauty therapists in the audience, rather than the massage junkies - regardless, mums can enjoy the benefits!

Spa Revolutions, a company in the US, has developed a way to experience the benefits of a hot stone massage - using tiger clam shells from the Pacific. After the flesh of the clam is eaten by villagers, the shells are cleaned and polished. Then later in the spa environment, the inside of the shells are activated with 'Lava Gel' (a blend of minerals, dried sea kelp and algae) then mixed with an infusion of salt water and essential oils to activate an hour's worth of heat and ready for a massage therapist to work their magic.

Mums in New Zealand can experience this as part of Pure Fiji's Warm Seashell Massage ritual, using Pure Fiji body oils at a range of salons around the country.

RRP: $150
More info: Call 0800 Pure Fiji or visit to find your nearest salon.

For the Mum who wants to super charge their beauty sleep...

Geek Chic solution: Sinomax Aloe Beauty Pillow
The latest buzz in the beauty world is products that work while you sleep - on your sheets and pillows. While women in the States are clamouring over wrinkle-busting copper infused bedding, more locally, you may want to get your hands on an Aloe Beauty Pillow.

Like the Shower Infusions, this is another way for Mum to transform an everyday action (like showering or sleeping) into a pampering ritual!

The pillows are already a step above your average piece of fluff - made from memory foam (a NASA innovation to help astronauts in take-offs and landings) which is known for giving a great night's sleep. The firmness of the pillow adjusts to your body weight and heat, ensuring that your neck and spine's natural S-shape are supported when you sleep. Memory foam also naturally repels dust mites and parasites, so is a good choice for those with allergies.

The Aloe Beauty Pillow's cotton cover is infused with aloe vera extract - known for its soothing, healing properties, for helping the skin to stay hydrated and stimulating cell growth.

So there you have it.

All a little extravagant, rather than essential - but isn't that the point? To spoil Mum this Mother's Day!

Want to WIN yourself (or your Mum) a mother's day pamper pack containing a voucher for a Pure Fiji Warm Seashell Massage and a Methven Shower Infusions Kit valued at $300? Simply visit and tell Tee and team the worst Mother's Day present you ever gave or received...

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