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Breakfast: Friday, March 23

Published: 6:14AM Friday March 23, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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Gunman in French siege killed

For the latest on the stand-off in Toulouse, Breakfast checks in with Europe Correspondent Garth Bray.

Labour goes on the attack over economic growth

Economic growth is slowing and Labour says it is proof National is mismanaging the economy. Finance spokesperson David Parker talks to Nadine.

Search and Surveillance - will it do more harm than good?

First talked about in 2002, the Search and Surveillance is now law.

Despite the passage of time and numerous tweaks, critics still see it as a dangerous invasion of privacy. Thomas Beagle from the NZ Council for Civil Liberty tells Breakfast this legislation will do more harm than good.

Surprising findings into how Kiwis are growing up

The first results from a longitudinal study into how New Zealanders are growing up are released today - and some are very surprising. Breakfast talks to the study's leader, Dr Susan Morton.

Bill English reacts to economic growth figures

Finance Minister Bill English explains why the Government remains optimistic about the state of the economy, when the latest GDP figures are so grim.

Growing Up In New Zealand study

A more focused look at the Growing Up In New Zealand study, which shows a large drop in the number of families who are immunising their children.

Helen Petousis-Harris from the Immunisation Advisory Centre joins Breakfast to share her concerns.

How well will Kiwis adapt to the new give-way rules?

With the new give-way rules about to kick in, Breakfast speaks with the University of Canterbury's Deak Helton who specialises in the psychology of transportation.

Tim Wilson's Weird Wide Web

Breakfast delves into the Weird Wide Web with Procrastination Reporter Tim Wilson. He give us his pick of wacky web clips for the week.

Putting the new iPad to the test

The brand new iPad hits stores today, will it measure up to previous incarnations? Breakfast's Gadget Guy puts Apple's newest world-beating gadget to the test.

Does The Hunger Games live up to the hype?

The first film adaptation of Suzanne Collins' successful series The Hunger Games has just hit our screens. But does it live up to all of the hype? For more, we talk to film critic, Dominic Corry.

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