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Breakfast: Friday July 8

Published: 6:41AM Friday July 08, 2011

Reporter check in from around the country
With Anna in Auckland, Lacey in Wellington and Charlotte in Christchurch.

UK newspaper scandal pays high price
Breakfast crosses live former 20/20 reporter Beth Bates in the UK for the latest on the phone hacking scandal and the other big stories.

UK hacking scandal - all about ethics?
As The News of The World hacking scandal goes from bad to worse, serious questions are being asked about the ethical environment which journalists operate in. Jim Tully, journalism co-ordinator at Canterbury University, considers the need for change.

Workers clash with the EQC over pay
The Amalgamated Workers Union are set to take legal action against EQC over failure to pay building contractors who've done repair work in Christchurch. Union representative Calvin Fisher explains why they're taking this drastic step.

How efficient is your house?
A new scheme that measures the energy efficiency of houses has been launched, providing an easy way for buyers, sellers and renters to assess how well a house performs. Homestar CEO Alex Cutler explains the process and its benefits.

Violence in the workplace
A new study reveals NZ's rate of workplace violence incidents is much higher when compared internationally. Breakfast speaks with Hadyn Olsen from Workplaces Against Violence in Employment, or WAVE, about our attitudes towards reporting and managing these incidents.

My Media - Scotty Morrison
Te Karere host Scotty Morrison shares with Breakfast the news stories that have really grabbed his attention over the last week.

Reporter round up
With Anna in Auckland, Lacey in Wellington and Charlotte in Christchurch.

Jed Thian - rugby commentator
Alternative rugby commentator Jed Thian looks forward to the Super 15 final between Queensland and Canterbury - a game with much more than sporting success on the line.

Foodie Friday
Cuddly Cook Annabelle White show Breakfast how to make a delicious lemon slice.

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