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Foodie Friday - raspberry and cherry trifle

Published: 11:26AM Friday November 11, 2011 Source: Breakfast

This is so easy and delicious. It's a great recipe when you're under pressure during the festive season as you can use ready-made products for this superb dessert.

If you want to make this before the fresh cherry season you have two choices - either use drained canned pitted cherries or use another berry like strawberries.

Serves 10

36 fresh cherries, stoned and cut in half
� cup crème de cassis
225 g unfilled sponge (one from the supermarket is fine)
1 small punnet fresh or frozen raspberries
2 cups custard (buy a 1 kg carton of custard and keep the rest in the fridge)
300 mol cream (whipped, but not sweetened)
� cup flaked almonds

Place the cherries in a bowl and drizzle crème de cassis over fruit. Cover and leave on bench for 1 hour.
Break up half the sponge in a serving bowl, scatter with half the cherries and crème de cassis and then half the raspberries. Repeat. Cover and heat the custard in the microwave for 2 minutes. Make a few insertions into the sponge so the hot custard can ooze through the layers. Pour one cup hot custard over the sponge and fruit. Wait a few minutes and then pour the remaining cup of hot custard over the sponge. Cover and refrigerate for at least an hour or two before serving.
To serve top with whipped cream and flaked almonds.

Cook's Tip
The great feature of this dessert is that the cream and fruit are both non-sweetened. The cherries are wonderfully sweet in December and the sweetness in the commercial custard is perfect for the raspberries. This is a truly delicious dessert!

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