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Easy beef supper

Published: 11:38AM Thursday July 16, 2009 Source: Breakfast

  •  (Source: ONE News)
    Source: ONE News

Easy Beef Supper

So easy to make in a frypan as is, or add pasta sauce and cooked pasta to bulk out for a complete dinner.

Serve with Sweet Thai chill sauce or hot pepper sauce and a green salad. 

1 cup onions chopped 
2 cloves garlic, crushed 
3 Tbsp butter 
500g good quality steak mince 
1 Tbsp curry powder 
2 potatoes, diced small 
1 cup frozen peas 
2 tomatoes, diced 
Salt to taste

Into a frypan saute the onions and garlic very gently in the butter until soft and translucent - try to avoid colour. Add the mince and brown. Stir in rest of ingredients and simmer covered for 25 minutes.

Serve with a tossed green salad - add a slurp of sweet Thai Chilli sauce for extra zoom if desired.  You can also add cooked pasta and pasta sauce and make this one dish go even further!

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