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Breakfast: Monday December 15

Published: 12:19AM Monday December 15, 2008

Police spy
For ten years well-known activist Rob Gilchrist was paid by police to spy on the very groups he belonged to. Breakfast speaks with Rochelle Rees, the former partner and woman who blew the whistle on Rob Gilchrist's covert activities.

John Key
Prime Minister John Key defends allegations that the National Government is compromising democracy by pushing legislation through under urgency.

Identity theft
Identity theft is on the rise in New Zealand, but a few simple measures could prevent you becoming a victim. Deloitte Forensic Services Manager Barry Jordan joins Breakfast.

Irene's mags
Media Commentator Irene Gardiner looks at what's making news in the Womens' Gossip magazines this week.

Educational gifts
Enrich Tutoring director Sarah de Raat shares ideas for kids' Christmas gifts with educational value.

Health advice
How does health advice given at your local health food store compare to that of a pharmacy? Medical researcher Dr Shaun Holt speaks to Breakfast about his new research into the issue.

Breakfast test drove the revolutionary new mascara's from Estee Lauder and Lancome. For more information on these products head to Estee lauder and Lancome make-up counters nationwide.

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