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Chloe's blog: Behind the scenes at Breakfast


By Chloe Smith

Published: 11:55AM Monday February 22, 2010 Source: Breakfast

  • Breakfast's "Meet and Greet" girl Chloe (Source: Breakfast)
    Breakfast's "Meet and Greet" girl Chloe - Source: Breakfast

I'm sure you have experienced that feeling when you enter the office on a Monday morning, say your "niceties" to the same people, who are sitting at the same desk, drinking out of that same cup of coffee, wearing the same clothes, with the same look of boredom on their face.

Routinely, you then open your emails, make a cup of coffee, utter more "niceties" to those you walk past, say your fifth "how are you". By now, the office is quiet, people hunched behind their computers. Occasionally the photocopier copies, the printer prints. You sit there; crack open your Diet Coke, same time, same beverage and look outside, staring at the looming clouds, finding yourself lost in the Monday that has arrived - knowing tomorrow, you will be doing exactly the same.

But that's not the case at Breakfast! Sure, the same routine is followed when putting a show together - clipping up the same graphics, editing vision in the same form, putting together pictures to be used over an interview and banners that run across the screen.

But behind the scenes, there is always something different taking place. Since this industry works with up to date current events, often breaking news "breaks" the routine. I still remember the day of Michael Jackson's death. The newsroom was quiet and everyone was hard at work. Then suddenly, every computer received a red flash on screen announcing MJ's passing. Well, the newsroom went into complete chaos - phones ringing, papers flying, arms waving around and people yelling across to each other.

Behind the scenes, there is rarely the same routine. Last week, we had a guest who was supposed to be on air at 6.50 am. This means, they arrive at 6.30am for makeup and a quick brief, before a swig of coffee or tea before being taken on set.

However, this guest was stuck in terrible traffic and wouldn't be able to make it on time. (If there is something important I've learnt about television, it's that timing is crucial - and the show relies strongly on the timing of everything to be exact - or as near to as possible).

A guest not being able to get to the show on time does happen occasionally, but in this case our second guest spot at 7.10am was also unable to be there on time. Problem. Who fills the gap? When Paul is around, sometimes our producer Sarah Bristow will whisper into Paul's ear piece from the control room "Tell a yarn" which Paul is brilliant at. In this case, we found an alternative guest on the phone. Often, a lot of things don't go plan behind the scenes despite the best-laid efforts, but with the professionalism and calm of both Ali and Pippa, they made this situation look like everything was running smoothly.

Last week was jam-packed with talent and interesting bits and bobs. We had Ali's birthday on the Monday - which meant cake and a lot of it. During the ad-break, Ali and Pippa hastily munched away knowing they couldn't come back on air with cake crumbs between their teeth and chocolate round their mouth.

Occasionally, our presenters are caught on camera doing a taste test - but they laugh it off. Some days the Breakfast diet consists of just dessert, rather than actual breakfast. We consume cake, cookies, muffins, copious amounts of coffee and sometimes, fruit. However, we do get sent a lot of these treats so that makes it all okay - right?

Later in the week, we had international ventriloquist David Strassman on the show . He was such an awesome person and so friendly and funny! It was a real pleasure to meet him and his big Teddy Bear. While he was in make up he took the mickey out of our accents. Apparently, "you Kiwis don't heavily pronounce your Os."

This week we are all looking forward to Friday! Friday is the "Breakfast Hui" which is when we all get together to talk about how we can make things better, improve segments, introduce new segments and make the show more enjoyable, informative and creative for you all. Did I mention there is wine during the hui? (No Chloe, you didn't and there won't be until after the hui - Editor).

Somehow the ideas at our post-hui dinner are even better than during the meeting. I assure you though - there are already many exciting ideas on the table.

Have a great week and keep up those "niceties" at work.


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