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Chloe's blog: Back in business


By Chloe Smith

Published: 1:45PM Monday February 15, 2010 Source: Breakfast

  • Breakfast's "Meet and Greet" girl Chloe (Source: Breakfast)
    Breakfast's "Meet and Greet" girl Chloe - Source: Breakfast

Hey everyone, Chloe the Krill is back!

But before I begin, I have compiled a few "blog rules" for 2010 if I must.

1. I pledge to keep staff names anonymous when talking about those on the team who make complete fools of themselves.

2. I pledge not to keep staff names anonymous if the "making a complete fool" is far too comical.

3. I will endeavor to stay on track at all times.

4. I will not stay on track if I don't feel like it.

5. I will give you a Breakfast "moment of the week".

6. The "moment of the week" will not aim to shame - but if it happens, I apologise now!

Right, we are into February already, after returning to your television on January 18. I can't believe how quick the first few weeks have gone. I went away to Canada for the Breakfast break - so I only returned to Breakfast on the 27th, but was eager to get back into the role of "Krill".

These past two weeks have been so chaotic for the team. With Waitangi day falling on a Saturday this year, we were all in the newsroom early to put together a Waitangi Day show . The whole team worked extremely hard and put together a pretty impressive show, if I do say so myself.

When I arrived at work at 8.00am, the team was surrounded by food. Our producer Sarah Bristow brought in a truck load of muffins, chocolate, grapes, caramel slice, biscuits and bananas. She is so thoughtful and always brings in treats for the team.

As the staff nibbled away, their insulin levels rose along with their stress. It's amazing how in times of chaos, there is always time to quickly sneak a bite of muffin in - because by the end of the show, there wasn't much left from our buffet.

The show is now in full swing, with the return of our regular guests and some new faces. We have our new "Weird and wonderful on the web" segment along with our usual film and music reviews, fashion tips, technology test runs and our food, health and travel segments. And of course, there's the occasional famous star, band, actor or singer to take to the couch.

In case you are wondering, Paul Henry is taking a very long summer break but will be back on Breakfast on March 1. We are all excited about his return but all know he will back with more jokes, more insults and more non-stop talking.

I have to admit, when I arrive at work at 5.30am, the newsroom is a lot quieter at the moment. Usually, Paul is reading the paper, piping up on every page about something that he finds ridiculous, humorous or outrageous.

When everyone is half asleep behind their computers, coffee in hand, trying to prepare for the show Paul thinks this is the ideal time to "tell a story from the weekend". Admittedly, 99% of his stories are so funny you can't help but listen to them. Even if the staff have their headphones on, you know they have turned down the volume on the computer to listen to him.

When he returns, I will share tell a "Paul tale".

I wanted to keep the first blog of 2010 reasonably brief, but I just have to quickly mention last Friday's food segment with Annabelle White and Peter Williams . It was so hilarious. Annabelle was talking about "seductive food" and Peter Williams, the lucky man, was to be "seduced" by Annabelle. The whole control room was in fits of laughter as we watched Annabelle literally pour cinnamon over her chest to "lure" Peter in. Was Peter lured by a cinnamon covered Annabelle? You decide.

So she attempted to feed him celery covered in mousse. Was he seduced? Still not looking good.

But Annabelle had the tools to seduce and the food to lure. So she kept trying. Peter downed the oysters in front of him. Seduced yet? No. Annabelle got more and more excited and brought out more cinnamon, more mousse, more vanilla sticks, more... more... more! So was he seduced in the end?

This yarn is my Breakfast "moment of the week". I should add, Peter did have security off to the side for his safety during that interview. Peter was not hurt during the segment - only mildly seduced.

Till next time,