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Chloe the Krill's early morning calamity

By Chloe Smith

Published: 11:15AM Monday June 29, 2009 Source: Breakfast

  • Breakfast's "Meet and Greet" girl Chloe (Source: Breakfast)
    Breakfast's "Meet and Greet" girl Chloe - Source: Breakfast

Hey all!

I usually pride myself on being punctual, chipper and looking respectable for 5.30am in the morning. But last Monday, everything went wrong for me!

My alarm is supposed to go off at 5.00am for me to get to Breakfast for 5.30. Well, Monday morning was a true shocker. I woke up at 5.33am!

I panicked. What on earth are you meant to do when you are that late! I threw on some hideous clothes, quickly combed my bed hair and sped to work. Upon arrival, I got the stares and the double takes.

"What's wrong with your eyes?' I was asked numerous times. They're puffy - I barely had a chance to wake! "Oh Chloe, you look... uh... different today, but still uh... nice?"

Alright, let's not sugar coat. My face looks like a dropped pie. When I jumped out the car, I tripped, smashing my bottle of perfume in my bag, my moisturiser squirted all through my diary and I grazed my knee. My scarf got stuck in the elevator, my heel broke and I eventually walked into the newsroom at 5.53am looking like I'd come from a night in the bush. There was no escaping the fact I was late! It really was an epic fail.

On a more positive note - the last week or so has been great! We had some awesome guests and the show was jam-packed with goodies! We had 80s singer Billy Ocean come in early last week to talk about his one-off show in Rotorua. Before the show went to air, Paul couldn't help but make a joke in the newsroom about the show being in Rotorua. "Why on earth would your one-off show be in Rotorua!"

To be honest, I had absolutely no idea who Billy Ocean was. If you play me one of his songs, sure, I would recognise it - but I wouldn't have been able to put a face to them. I thought it was only polite to ask for a photo with the man! He was more than happy. In fact, he was so ecstatic to be asked for a photo, he picked me up and threw me over his shoulders.

In all good humour, I allowed myself to be thrown around, but I must say... All I did was greet him, make him his requested peppermint tea and kindly ask for a quick snap. Was the shoulder throw really necessary? I have never experienced that before during my time at Breakfast. Once I had both feet back on the ground, I picked up my dustpan, weaved through the people and bolted as fast as my Krill feet could take me.

Things behind the scenes have been going smoothly lately. We haven't had any major incidents, however, I must let you in on what happened the other day.

When a guest turns up for the show, they must wait outside and buzz security, tell security who they are and what they are here for. Security then rings me and says, for example, "We have Brian here for Breakfast." I check my guest list, confirm and the guest is let in for me to meet and greet. So there is a process guests must go through to get in the building. Understandably, security is tight - especially when Breakfast is live... you can't risk any nutters getting into the studio.

But this week, I got a call telling me "Tim" had arrived. There was no Tim on my list. I decided to go out and greet him anyway. He was adamant he was here for the show. Well, let me tell you, he was a sandwich short of a picnic. When I realised he was lying after his continual "I'm here for Breakfast, I'm here for Breakfast..." I got the executive producer Tony Davenport to come out and have a word with him. It was quite clear, with a broom in one hand, cloth and phone in the other; did I really seem like a figure of any authority? Lucky I didn't have on my 'Krill' name badge.

I did my fourth snow report this week, I can't believe a month has already gone by! Every week I look back at them and critique them. There is always room for improvements but I'm glad that I'm relaxing a lot more into them! I still have many more to do while the snow season is up and running, so a lot more ideas are in the works for the upcoming reports.

I really love getting your emails and answering your questions. I get many emails asking if Paul is exactly the same off air as he is on air and the answer to that is YES! He is still rude, talks way too much, tells many yarns, drinks way too much coffee - but brings a smile to everyone's face!

Next blog, I am going to tell you about what happened when Breakfast got sent some truffles, who started a crazy new diet that led to toilet breaks every five minutes and a little bit more about Paul and Alison during the ad breaks - the bits you don't see!

Time to go!

Krill / Snow Bunny

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  • chadnz said on 2013-04-03 @ 15:59 NZDT:

    Chloe i remember you back in the day you were awesome to watch. And damn you were a cutey. Wonder what happened to you these days?

  • Simon_Visser said on 2009-06-30 @ 21:22 NZDT:

    Oh yes it would! I can picture it now..... you, me, a cheap bottle of wine on the top of a mountain in a snowstorm! we could take the one news helecoptor if they have one! I'm glad your enjoying your newly beloved job at 'breakfast' and i wish you the very best for the future. You could knit me a sweater anyday sweety!..... Silly "SallySays," dosn't know a good reporter if it hit her in the bottom! Have a good day tomorow at work! i'll be watching! Whens your next snow report?? Simon!

  • krill said on 2009-06-30 @ 10:24 NZDT:

    Hey Simon! Thankyou so much for your message! I'm glad you like the blogs - I really enjoy writing them but once I get started I just can't stop - so have to keep chopping them down! Snow all year would be a goody :)

  • Simon_Visser said on 2009-06-29 @ 21:21 NZDT:

    Hey chloe! I always watch breakfast in the mornings before i go to school in Sunny Nelson! I think that the program has now got so insanly good talent since you have joined the team! Keep up the snow report, if it were up to me, id make it snow all year round just so you can keep reporting! Have a really good night, your crush...... Simon!

  • nzrodders said on 2009-06-29 @ 11:37 NZDT:

    "my face looked like a dropped pie" I've never heard that saying before but it cracked me up! Always look forward to your blogs and your weekly snow report. Keep up the good work!

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