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Chloe the Krill's boozy confessions


By Chloe Smith

Published: 7:03AM Thursday September 24, 2009 Source: Breakfast

  • Breakfast's "Meet and Greet" girl Chloe (Source: Breakfast)
    Breakfast's "Meet and Greet" girl Chloe - Source: Breakfast

I am not going to waste time and energy typing a long introduction when I can just cut to the chase.

Ready? I am cutting to it now.

The Breakfast team had a meeting about two weeks ago and instead of drinking water, we quenched our thirst with dusty bottles of old, hideous wine that must have been around since long before I was born.

Despite flicking off the odd spider and wiping down the cobwebs, the corks were popped and the plastic cups were ripped from their plastic packaging.

The wine was poured and the meeting began.

Twelve minutes, nineteen seconds later&meeting adjourned.

What was discussed in those twelve minutes?

1. How old is this hideous wine?
2. Who wants another?
3. Why are we still drinking this wine like its going out of fashion? It went out of fashion twenty-two years ago.
4. Everyone's polished their cups - let's crack another open?
5. Who feels sick?
6. Who's still drinking? Rephrase - why are we all still drinking?
7. So today's show? Any problems?
8. Problems? Stop complaining - have another wine.

I assure you no one was drunk and I haven't mentioned any names. But I can also assure you that drinking wine at 9am is not the most appropriate thing to do and we haven't done it since.

I'm lying, we have, but let's move right along.

In my last blog, I said I would mention a little bit about myself, which I shall do now.

I thought writing it in the middle of my blog was clever, since you have already started reading.

Most of you know me as Krill - the small sea crustacean that serves no purpose. I have done research on Google and discovered that they are crucial, but telling Paul that is not enough. He needs hard facts on paper.

However, for a crustacean that serves no purpose, I have been with Breakfast coming up for three years. Surely, I would be tossed in the ocean if I really had no purpose.

I started as a youngster out of University and have really grown up during my time here.

This week is my last week giving you the snow report which I have done now for eighteen weeks. Doesn't time fly?

I have learnt that, in this industry, you must have a strong back-bone. Since I receive your feedback, I have read a fair share of negative comments directed towards me.

At first you read it, sit back in your chair and let it sink in. Sometimes, it will get to you and other times it doesn't and you simply laugh it off.

I am so grateful for those who have emailed such positive, lovely comments to me and for those who felt I needed to hear what they had to say, especially after my weekly snow reports, I have heard you.

I am hoping to be a great reporter one day and this is a good beginning. You have to start at the bottom and learn your way up.

One day I will look back at my snow reports and reminisce. Maybe they'll even be used when I'm older as a "Look at her when she was just starting&" Kind of like when journalists are made to watch themselves twenty years earlier when they had huge hair and shoulder pads. I bet that, at the time, they thought they were the bee's knees.

I must be honest though, there is something very intimidating and scary about speaking to a camera.

Over time, it's definitely a case of pretending you really are talking to someone.

I think what makes it scary, is knowing there are so many people watching from behind that screen.

Obviously, the more experienced learn to relax, especially if they are ad libbing with no auto-cue, and the camera becomes second nature.

But for beginners, it's a skill you must learn and it only comes with practice and time. Once you get it, you have it forever.

Moving right along, I hope you are reading this during your lunch break at work since I have a tendency to write long blogs.

They're rather time consuming, but since I can't blog daily - I have to get a lot out while I have the chance and why would you click on my blog to read one or two small boring paragraphs. Yawn. Waste of clicking really.

The other morning we did a behind the scenes at Breakfast and it seems viewers loved it.

There is something exciting about seeing how a show goes to air.

If you didn't see, we showed the infamous newsroom which is filled (at 5.30am) with people hunched over their computers, wiping the sleep from their eyes, unable to really hold a conversation until the horrible plunged coffee from the tiny kitchen is all gone.

Come 9am, its filled with journalists bursting with news, chatter, laughter, phones ringing, emails being sent, high fives (yes I actually witness people still doing this.) meetings, food being consumed and coffee flowing like the wine we had.

I am seeing I am on page three on my computer here so I must bring this blog to an end, but before I go - I have to bask in a little bit of Krill-glory or Chlo-glory.

We had a scone bake off at TVNZ last Friday for our Chef Annabelle White's food segment. Three amazing words - I came second.

Chloe the Krill makes the second best sultana scones on the Breakfast team. Paul found my sultana scone dry, but what did I clear from his plate? Three crumbs.

Till next blog,

Take care


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  • chadnz said on 2013-04-03 @ 15:59 NZDT:

    Chloe i remember you back in the day you were awesome to watch. And damn you were a cutey. Wonder what happened to you these days?

  • Simon_Visser said on 2009-06-30 @ 21:22 NZDT:

    Oh yes it would! I can picture it now..... you, me, a cheap bottle of wine on the top of a mountain in a snowstorm! we could take the one news helecoptor if they have one! I'm glad your enjoying your newly beloved job at 'breakfast' and i wish you the very best for the future. You could knit me a sweater anyday sweety!..... Silly "SallySays," dosn't know a good reporter if it hit her in the bottom! Have a good day tomorow at work! i'll be watching! Whens your next snow report?? Simon!

  • krill said on 2009-06-30 @ 10:24 NZDT:

    Hey Simon! Thankyou so much for your message! I'm glad you like the blogs - I really enjoy writing them but once I get started I just can't stop - so have to keep chopping them down! Snow all year would be a goody :)

  • Simon_Visser said on 2009-06-29 @ 21:21 NZDT:

    Hey chloe! I always watch breakfast in the mornings before i go to school in Sunny Nelson! I think that the program has now got so insanly good talent since you have joined the team! Keep up the snow report, if it were up to me, id make it snow all year round just so you can keep reporting! Have a really good night, your crush...... Simon!

  • nzrodders said on 2009-06-29 @ 11:37 NZDT:

    "my face looked like a dropped pie" I've never heard that saying before but it cracked me up! Always look forward to your blogs and your weekly snow report. Keep up the good work!

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