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Breakfast: Wednesday September 02

Published: 6:11AM Wednesday September 02, 2009 Source: Breakfast

Maternity care for foreigners
Breakfast spoke to Health Waikato Chief Operating officer Jan Adams about how DHB's are owed millions by people who undergo medical procedures and aren't eligible for it, including foreigners coming in and having babies.

Lynfield College beating
Steve Bovaird, the principal of Lynfield College, spoke to Breakfast about how one of his students was beaten by a gang of students from another school, and how communication through social network sites Bebo and Facebook was the catalyst for the confrontation.

Check out the following websites for dealing with bullying online: and 

Gun shop owner
A plan to open a gun store in the Christchurch suburb Papanui is worrying residents. Breakfast talked to the Community Board Chair and Gun City Operator David Tipple.

Most Annoying Husband
Breakfast spoke to the World's Most Annoying Husband and the Wife who's making a mockery of him.

Gadget girl Tee Twyford, editor of looks at some of the latest innovations for our pets.

Signature Style
Jackie O'Fee from Signature Style spoke to Breakfast how the way we dress reflects who we are and how we feel about ourselves.

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