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Breakfast: Wednesday March 24

Published: 4:05AM Wednesday March 24, 2010 Source: Breakfast

The New Zealand Institute says for a country full of inventors, Kiwis are falling far too short on innovation.

Benefit changes
Breakfast talks to Social Development Minister Paula Bennett about the changes to the welfare system that target single parents whose youngest child is aged six, long-term unemployed and around 9,000 people on sickness or invalid benefits who will be asked to go back to part time work.

Welfare reaction
Breakfast gets reaction to the government's overhaul of the welfare system from Pam Apera of the Beneficiary Advocacy & Information Service.

Kiwi ladettes
New Statistics NZ figures show the life expectancy gap between men and women is decreasing as women work, drink, smoke and party as much as men. Dr Michelle Mars tells Breakfast what effect the modern lifestyle is having on women.

Craft gadgets
He is not much of a crafter, but Breakfast's gadget geek Ben Gracewood knows a gadget when he sees one. Ben raided his wife's craft cupboard to come up with a bunch of cool items that any good crafter would enjoy.

Royal Enfield Bikes
It's a motorcycle that has remained largely unchanged for half a century. Paul Henry finds out about the world's longest running production motorcycle, the Royal Enfield.

"Convertible" clothing
Jackie O'Fee from Signature Style joins Breakfast to talk about Convertible Clothing and the garments you can wear in more ways than one.

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