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Breakfast: Wednesday February 24

Published: 4:08AM Wednesday February 24, 2010 Source: Breakfast

Leaky building claims
Peri Hoskins is a lawyer who has just established a specialist leaky-building practice Hoskins Thorn, the third in the country. He tells Breakfast about how people who own a leaky home can also claim for the stigma around sales difficulties once repairs have been done.

Home help
Around 3,000 senior citizens in the Otago District will have their weekly 1.5 hours of home help cut in two weeks. We talk to the provider of this service, Presbyterian Support, about how this is going to affect both clients and those who provide that help.

Information and Communications Minister Steven Joyce fronts up over the troubles with Telecom and explains why the government isn't able to intervene.

Atheist billboard
A controversial atheist billboard that was set to go up on buses around NZ has been blocked by the company NZ Bus. NZ Bus declined an interview, but Breakfast talks to NZ Atheist Campaign spokesman Simon Fisher.

Dog breeds
There were two violent dog attacks at the weekend in Auckland, one involving a pit bull and the other an American bulldog. They're dog breeds often making the headlines, so is it the breed or the training? Breakfast talks to former police dog handler and K9 Koncepts Dog Trainer Nick Wilson. Check out

Sex and place
Breakfast talks to the authors of a new book, Space, Place, And Sex, that examines the role of place in shaping sexuality.

Gadget girl and nzgirl editor Tee Twyford finds the latest and greatest innovations when it comes to getting you out of bed in the morning.

Style with Susanna
Style guru Susana Tuya joins Breakfast to talk style as a state of mind and how to look and feel stylish at any age.