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Breakfast: Wednesday April 29

Published: 6:34AM Wednesday April 29, 2009

Swine flu and New Zealand tourism
Breakfast asked Tourism Professor Simon Milne what impact a Swine Flu outbreak could have on New Zealand tourism.
Swine flu in New Zealand
Health Minister Tony Ryall and Rangitoto Principal David Hodge joined Breakfast with updates on the school students who've contracted Swine Flu.
Breakfast spoke to Nigel Murphy from the National Foundation for the Deaf about why some noises are deemed to be bad for our mental and physical health.

Graham Lowe on fatherhood           
Graham Lowe is a former rugby league coach, and the author of the book Me And My Little Blokes (Random House, $34.99). He explains why he thinks fatherhood is undervalued. 
Gadgets for Mother's Day
Gadget girl Tee Twyford, editor of reviewed a range of Mothers Day gadget gifts to pamper and primp a stressed-out Mum.

Pets on a budget
Breakfast got advice on how to keep a pet on the cheap

Paula Ryan explained why it's important not to take fashion too seriously. She
showcased tow books that take the mickey out of the industry called This little Piggy went to Prada, Publisher: Spy Publishing, and Like I give a Frock, Publisher: Penguin Group.


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