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Breakfast: Tuesday September 7

Published: 6:54AM Tuesday September 07, 2010 Source: Breakfast

Quake risk analysis
Breakfast talked to GNS Science Seismologist Dr Warwick Smith about the cause of the Christchurch Earthquake and the aftershocks the city is still experiencing now.

Quake psychology
Ian de Terte is a clinical psychologist at Massey University whose expertise include disaster trauma. He spoke to Breakfast about the people of Christchurch could be dealing emotionally in the aftermath of the weekend's earthquake.

Radiographers across the country, apart from Christchurch, will be striking for 24 hours today. Breakfast spoke to Anne Aitcheson from DHBNZ about how contingency plans that hospitals have put in place, and whether they anticipate a backlog of cases.

Politics with Guyon
Breakfast caught up with all the political news with ONE News political editor Guyon Espiner.

Structural Integrity Ratings system
Professor John McClure, a psychologist who studies people's risk perception of natural hazards, says that New Zealand is mostly under prepared for emergency situations such as the earthquake, and that we could introduce a "ratings" system that would rate buildings on a 1 to 5 on the title to clarify it's structural integrity.

Heritage Homes
Some of Christchurch's most important older buildings have been damaged by the quake, shattering much of the city's heritage. Historic Places Trust General Manager Malcolm Duff talked to Breakfast about those that have been worst affected.

Marfan syndrome family
Breakfast talks to Colin Vujcich who is moving his family to Australia because they can't get the health care needed for his daughter Eva who has the symptoms of Marfan syndrome.

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