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Breakfast Tuesday May 12

Published: 2:35AM Tuesday May 12, 2009

Breakfast looked at the pros and cons of a new NCEA website, which allows public access to national school NCEA results and rankings

Guyon's politics
Breakfast spoke to Political Editor Guyon Espiner about the police file on the leaked Brash emails, the countdown to Budget day and the Mt Albert race

Dr James Renwick
Duncan McKenzie joined Breakfast to describe the hail storm which hit Tauranga yesterday afternoon and Niwa Scientist Dr James Renwick gave a long-range forecast for winter

Fran's music
Francesca Rudkin reviewed Melody Gardot My One and Only Thrill, Midnight Youth The Brave Don't Run, and Streisand The Concerts DVD

Boh Runga
Singer songwriter Boh Runga is determined to carve herself a solo career just as successful as that of younger sister Bic. Breakfast spoke to her about music, family, and her debut solo album, Right Here

Personal shopper
Breakfast spoke to Heather Tait about what inspires the designers of NZ's most contemporary jewellery....

Settler North & South by Shona Rapira Davies
Resin Planes by Michelle Bryant courtesy of Bowen Galleries - or 04 381 0351

Her Imperial Highness, The Family Jewels, Captain O Cook by Octavia Cook
Courtesy of Anna Miles Gallery - or 09 377 4788

Soft Rocks, wool chains and cuffs -

The Following Jewellers represented at Royal Jewellery Studio or 09 846 0200 -

Joanna Campbell
Jane Dodd
Penelope Barnhill
Marty Jestin
Myfanwy Rees
Kate Barton
Cheryl Sills

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  • lorelee said on 2011-04-06 @ 16:08 NZDT: Report abusive post

    I think Petra is a lovely lady, and she has done well on other projects for tvnz, but I think she probably knows she is out of her depth with the breakfast show and for that reason I feel sorry for her. She is just quite not professinal enough.So I think tvnz should have a discussion with all involved.

  • Melrose said on 2011-04-05 @ 18:51 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Petra, please stop waving your arms around, interrupting Corin (and guests), pointing, and pulling faces as it's most disturbing first thing in the morning.

  • Ads said on 2011-04-05 @ 07:42 NZDT: Report abusive post

    C'mon Corin! Kiwis earn an average annual income of $82,000, much less than the US, UK or Australia, but still incredibly wealthy. If you live in New Zealand you are in the top 7% most wealthy people in the world, and if you own your own home you are in the top 2% of people on the planet. Stop preaching unfounded bollocks about our position in the world.

  • rachelm said on 2011-04-04 @ 10:14 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Petras comment earlier about not looking for blame regarding the rise in young poeple getting involved in crime and why this is so, is absolutely rediculous. In order to find the solution of course you need to look at blame. Blame the parents or the tv, either way you're never going to find a solution to the problem without first going right to the root of the problem to begin with.

  • JCS said on 2011-04-04 @ 09:18 NZDT: Report abusive post

    You would never be without your cell phone if you had been through an earthquake, its the only way to keep in touch with your loved ones and it a torch when the power goes out, which it does when theres an earthquake. I think Petra and Corrin are a great team, I enjoy all the laughter, it sure lightens up my day in depressing Christchurch

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