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Breakfast: Thursday November 25

Published: 5:35AM Thursday November 25, 2010 Source: Breakfast

Grey District Mayor
Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn talks to Breakfast about the Pike River mine tragedy.
Red Cross
Breakfast takes a look at how the Red Cross are responding to the tragic news.

Gerry Brownlee
Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee speaks to Breakfast about the latest on the mining disaster and the potential economic impact it could have on the West Coast.

Prime Minister John Key
Breakfast gets the Prime Minister's reation to the West Coast mining tragedy.

Ray Douglas
Breakfast speaks to Greymouth's Radio Network Manager Ray Douglas about the locals' perception of journalists in Greymouth in the midst of the Pike River mining crisis.

Strongman survivor
Breakfast speaks to Mick O'Donnell, who worked at the Strongman mine in 1967 when an explosion killed 19 of his fellow miners, and asked him what it will take for people to get through this.

Chris Auchinvole
Local MP Chris Auchinvole tells Breakfast West Coasters have a unique strength which will see them through this tragedy.

Victim support
CEO of Victim Support Tony Paine tells Breakfast what services are in place to help the miners families and the wider Greymouth community.

Andrew Little
National Secretary of the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU), Andrew Little, speaks to Breakfast about how the union will be setting up a fund to assist the families.

Tim Mora
Local Vicar Tim Mora tells Breakfast about the special church service held last night for the 29 miners who lost their lives.

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