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Breakfast: Thursday August 13

Published: 4:45AM Thursday August 13, 2009 Source: Breakfast

Case delays
Breakfast speaks to Greg O'Connor from the Police Association and Liz Kinley of Jigsaw Family Services about the police delay in investigating child abuse cases in the Wairarapa.

Electricity review 
Breakfast speaks to Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee about recommendations made in the new electricity review report.

Young guns
Breakfast speaks to its political Young Guns about sending SAS troops back into Afghanistan, and Chris Carter's comments about having a target on his back for being gay.

Movie reviews
Francesca Rudkin reviews Sunshine Cleaning and Departures.

Car buying tips for woman
Clive Matthew-Wilson from The Dog and Lemon Guide has devised a 'five minute car check' for women who want a reliable second-hand bargain, but are clueless about cars.

Lunar gardening
Landscape Safari's Justin Newcombe explains the practice of "lunar gardening", or gardening by the moon

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