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Breakfast's Christmas party gadgets

Published: 6:54AM Wednesday December 16, 2009 Source: Breakfast

Tee Twyford, editor of, showed Breakfast the best gadgets for surviving the silly season

Don't spend the day taking the photos - be in the photos!

Photographic evidence - two main issues here. Inevitably, if you look back through the family photo albums - there's always one member designated as 'photographer' - more than likely meaning their mug is missing from all those big milestone moments.

Alternatively, forgetting to capture the memories for posterity - while you were ensuring that the kids weren't using their new toys as weapons of mass destruction, Nana wasn't into the sherry and the three course lunch was cooking - can seem like a big let down the morning after.

Enter, the Sony Party-shot. One part Sony Cyber-shot camera and one part autonomous robot photographer. Dock your Cyber-Shot camera (currently, the TX1 and WX1 are compatible) onto the Party-shot and leave it to its own devices.

Using the camera's Face Detection and Smile Shutter (it sees a smile and automatically takes a photo without you having to snap the shutter) technology and motion detection to seek out movement, it will scan the room panning 360 degrees/tilting 24 degrees looking for photo opportunities.

Lasts for 10-11 hours (on a pair of AA batteries) or can be plugged in with an AC adapter - although the timing may rely more on how long your camera can keep it up.

Sony Party-shot Automatic Photographer, $249.95
Sony Cyber-shot, DSCWX1S, $749.95

Get everyone involved in cooking and food preparation
Another common complaint from certain factions of the family is that one or two people are lumped with preparing the meal for the 20-strong crowd. Sometimes getting other people involved can be more trouble than its worth - but sometimes, delegation, when armed with the correct tools, can be fun and functional.

Enter, the likes of the Condiment Gun and Garlic Zoom.

The Garlic Zoom looks like a Smart Car for garlic. You load in 1-2 small to medium sized garlic bulbs (that you've prepped by removing the skin), shut the lid and roll it along your bench - letting the stainless steel blade inside do the chopping. Afterwards it all comes apart and pops into the top rack of the dishwasher - and unlike garlic presses, there's no garlic caught in the mesh either. True chefs will balk at the idea at using anything but a knife to dice garlic - but of course they're going to say that! If you're not a true chef with ninja knife skills - chopping garlic can be a messy and unsuccessful job.

The Condiment Gun looks like the perfect partner for cranberry sauce or mint sauce this Christmas day - or even whipped cream for the pav!

There's nothing too technical about it - load up the resusable canister (it comes with two) with your sauce, insert into the gun. Then you're locked and loaded - a gentle pull of the trigger will allow for "precision" sauce dispensing, but an aggressive approach should send it across the room.

With an RRP of $39.99 it's quite pricey - but look for festive times with a reasonable discount such as now, that take this down to $27.99. It's no iconic tomato shaped bottle - but it's a lot of fun!

Garlic Zoom, $19.99 at Living & Giving
Condiment Gun, $39.99, down to $27.99 at Living & Giving

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