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Breakfast: Monday May 3

Published: 7:38AM Monday May 03, 2010

Political Commentator
BBC's Political Editor for the West of England, Paul Barltrop, talks to Breakfast about the most hotly contested election race Britain has seen in decades.
Mining Protest
Forty thousand people turned out in Auckland on Saturday morning to protest the government's plans to use conservation land for mining. Breakfast asks Gerry Brownlee if it will change the government's plans.

Liberal Democrat party
Liberal Democrat candidate Paul Harrod talks to Breakfast about how Britain's third largest party is on the rise after leader Nick Clegg performed so well in the televised leader's debates.
Social Commentator
Social commentator Lisa Harrison from the University of West England's Bristol talks to Breakfast about the city's roots and what Bristolians make of the election race.

Manners Expert
Britain's youngest etiquette expert William Hanson gives Breakfast a lesson in minding their Ps and Qs.



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