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Breakfast in New York

Published: 11:44AM Tuesday July 21, 2009 Source: Breakfast

Breakfast in New York
Breakfast came to you LIVE from New York. Paul Henry was in the Big Apple for three action-filled days, bringing you the sights and all the news with help from one of our top exports - former Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Helen Clark: From NZ to NY
Paul was the first to talk to Helen Clark about her exciting new job as head of the United Nations Development Programme. He found out how she's settling in, what's on her agenda and got an insider's tour of the UN.

But it wasn't all business - she also shared her favourite NYC places with us and talked to Paul about what it's like to call New York home.

Check out Paul's story HERE

The city that never sleeps?
Roaming the streets of New York, Paul got the latest on fashion, culture, President Obama's progress, and the recession. He met other New Zealanders trying to make it in New York and challenged the myth that New York is the city that never sleeps. How does it live up to what we see on film?

Take a look back over three days of Breakfast not to be missed - proudly brought to you by Telecom XT.

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