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Breakfast gadgets: Radio control toys

Published: 7:18AM Wednesday October 07, 2009 Source: Breakfast

Radio control toys, like everything electronic, are getting smaller and more sophistocated. Breakfast's gadget guy Ben Gracewood looks at the current state of the art in these devices.

Item: The i-Sobot Humanoid Robot
Price: $490
Rating: 2/5
Info: The 16cm tall i-Sobot holds the Guinness World Record as the smallest production robot. It's a great, fun little toy - a marvel of electronic engineering, and certainly the most agile robot I've played with, but at $490 is rather expensive. You'd have to be a dedicated robot collector to have an i-Sobot as a toy.

Item: Tamiya TT-01 Drift-Spec
Price: $449
Rating: 4/5
Info: Radio control cars have come a long way since I built my first Tamiya kitset. Now they come completely ready to run out of the box, and in all sorts of flavours: Rock crawlers, off roaders, and now drift cars. With special tyres, these drift-spec Tamiyas will be fishtailing and skidding like the professional drifers you see on TV. Personally, I can't understand the appeal, but I'm told drifting is all the rage.

Item: E-Flight Blade MCX
Price: $179 (not including transmitter)
Rating: 5/5
Info: The Blade MCX is a tiny marvel. Small enough to land in the palm of your hand, yet completely manoeuvrable. The MCX is the most stable helicopter I've flown. It's not going to set speed records, but you could have hours of fun landing on upturned cups, and running make-believe rescue missions between the coffee table and sideboard.

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