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Breakfast: Friday March 4

Published: 6:52AM Friday March 04, 2011 Source: Breakfast

Bob Parker morning update
The Christchurch mayor talks about first day of recovery and what that means.

Paul Hobbs in London
Europe Correspondent Paul Hobbs talks about the Kia Kaha fundraiser.

Land Search and Rescue
Bob Parker mentioned LSAR yesterday and credited their complementary work to USAR. Breakfast finds out what they do.

Grey District mayor Tony Kokshoorn
The families of miners lost at Pike River will each receive a minimum of $190,000 from the Pike River Trust. Kokshoorn talks about that, and sends a message of support to Christchurch.

Water and Waste
Mark Christianson talks about the water supply in Christchurch.

Warning Gadget
Brendan Wright's company was asked to make a prototype of a warning system after the September earthquake but when the aftershocks died down they put it on the back burner. They have got it back working and recently and it gave them a three second warning before the aftershock.

Pete Dormer from Dormer Construction has been one of the army of digger drivers carting muck from the streets of Christchurch.

Refugee Trauma Team
Dr Arif Saeid from the Refugee Trauma Team is in Christchurch and talks about his work with first response teams.

Comfort for Christchurch
A group that's focusing on comforting people in Christchurch has been set up. They have a 24-hour tent at Christchurch Central Police station. See their Facebook page for details.

Annabelle's Foodie Friday
Annabelle White presents some super easy baking ideas for anyone who's a bit nervous about baking for a fund-raising bakeoff. She also talk about a fundraising dinner she's holding.

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