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Breakfast: Friday February 26

Published: 3:16AM Friday February 26, 2010 Source: Breakfast

Ray Markey is the man behind the NZ Employment Relations Society which is being launched today. He speaks with Breakfast about his vision for the society.

Following ONE News exclusively obtaining a draft animal welfare code on sow crates which suggests extending the date of abolishing the crates from 2012 to 2017, Breakfast speaks to Hans Kriek from Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) about why this is prolonging animal cruelty.

MP spending
National MP Phil Heatley has resigned his Ministerial postiions after being found guilty of using his work credit card to buy $70 of wine for himself and his friends. Breakfast speaks to Jonathan Boston from the Institute of Policy Studies about MPs' accountability.

Medical insurance
Jane Egerton has cancer and has had to pay $10,500 every six weeks for medication to stay alive. She talks to Breakfast about her fight and how others can learn from her story.

Ensuring health insurance
Breakfast talks to Stephanie Wiki, Founding Director of The Insurance Clinic on ensuring your health insurance coverage really is covering you and won't drop you when you need it the most.

Dom's Hollywood gossip 
The Tiger Woods saga has gone from the scandalous to the ridiculous and more Hollywood cheats have been outed. Our man in Hollywood Dominic Bowden has all the latest goss.

Vladivostok to London
Breakfast talks to the five Kiwi lads undergoing an epic bike ride of 25,000 kilometres from Vladivostok in Russia, to London.

South Carolina University faculty member Dr Ron Prinz shares his research interests on the prevention of child maltreatment, parenting and family based interventions.

Foodie Friday
Breakfast's resident chef Annabelle White givestips on how a woman can cook successfully on the BBQ.

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