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As it happened: Breakers v Crocs - game three

By Alex Coogan-Reeves at Vector Arena

Published: 6:22PM Saturday April 07, 2012

Full-time Breakers 97 Crocs 80

The Breakers will meet either the Perth Wildcats or the Gold Coast Blaze after a fantastic win at home over the Crocs. CJ Bruton top scored for the Brekers with 20 points while Peter Crawford had a game high 24. Gary Wilkinson thanks the crowd and urges them back for the finals series as they file out of the arena.

Q4 9:15 Breakers 94 Crocs 78

Put a fork in this one, its done. The Breakers will contest their second consecutive grand final series.

Q4 8:24 Breakers 92 Crocs 76

Tom Abercrombie is fouled by Peter Crawford as he goes for a massive dunk and lands awkwardly on his ankle. Abercrombie limps to his feet but falls to the ground. That looked nasty. Could be a killer for the Breakers in the finals. Crawford is called for the unsportsmanlike foul.

Q4 7:19 Breakers 91 Crocs 76

Holmes fouls Wilkinson and there's a bit of pushing and shoving. Wilkinson makes both shots and has the last six points.

Q4 6:43 Breakers 87 Crocs 74

Wilkinson has been everywhere the last minute, first with a rejection on Gill, then finishing with a baby hook in the paint and then he fouls Crawford when he's attempting a three. Crawford makes all three free throws.

Q4 5:57 Breakers 83 Crocs 71

Holmes makes a shot off a Gill three point miss to get the Breakers lead down to 12 and Lemanis calls time-out.

Q4 5:03 Breakers 83 Crocs 67

Abercrombie splits two free throws to get the Breakers to 16 ahead. Both teams are now in the bonus.

Q4 4:15 Breakers 82 Crocs 65

Dagger from Bruton! He lands yet another three and extends the Breakers' lead to 17 points. Time running out for the Crocs.

Q4 3:31 Breakers 79 Crocs 64

Bruton nails a jumper off the back of some great hustle from Action Jackson.

Q4 2:10 Breakers 75 Crocs 64

Crawford fouls Bruton as he is shooting a three and CJ makes two of the three free throws.

Q4 1:36 Breakers 73 Crocs 62

Fifth foul called on Elvin Mims and he is ejected.

Q4 0:56 Breakers 73 Crocs 62

Great defence from the breakers including a big block by Pledger and there's a 24 second violation from the Crocs.

End of third quarter Breakers 73 Crocs 62

Corletto makes two free throws to end a quarter that has put the Breakers firmly in the box seat. A big three from Bruton and a couple from Leon Henry gave the Breakers the advantage there. THe Breakers are one good quarter away from the finals.

Q3 9:53 Breakers 71 Crocs 60

Schenscher misses a pair of free throws then Henry hits another three to get the lead to 11 points.

Q3 8:50 Breakers 68 Crocs 60

Henry hits a three, but the Breakers fall asleep at the other end and Blachfield nails a wide open three from the corner straight after.

Q3 7:49 Breakers 65 Crocs 55

Boucher splits a pair of free throws and the Breakers hold a double digit lead for the first time.

Q3 7:26 Breakers 64 Crocs 55

Bruton hits a massive three from the carpark! Just like that the Breakers are out to a nine point lead. Paul Woolpert calls time-out for the Crocs.

Q3 7:00 Breakers 61 Crocs 55

Boucher throws the sweet lob pass to the Chief Alex PLedger, who throws it down!

Q3 5:44 Breakers 57 Crocs 53

Abercrombie ends a dry spell from the floor with a big three-pointer. He has 18.

Q3 4:12 Breakers 54 Crocs 53

Abercrombie is fouled and nails two. Crocs are in the penalty already so the Breakers will want to make them pay.

Q3 3:42 Breakers 52 Crocs 51

Luke Schenscher is called for his third foul of the quarter and has to take a seat.

Q3 3:00 Breakers 50 Crocs 49

Todd Blanchfield hits a corner three to reduce the Crocs' deficit to a single point.

Q3 1:15 Breakers 46 Crocs 42

Jackson has the first point of the quarter as he makes a steal and finishes the lay-up off the fast break.

Q3 0:00 Breakers 44 Crocs 42

The Jacksons' "Can you feel it" rings out through the arena as is customary. Here we go!

Half-time Breakers 44 Crocs 42

Michael Cedar shoots a buzzer-beating three to end the half on a high for the Crocs. Three point shooting is keeping the Crocs in this, they're operating at 58% from behind the arc.

Q2 9:53 Breakers 44 Crocs 39

Boucher is hammered again and this time he gets the call. He splits the free throws.

Q2 9:26 Breakers 41 Crocs 39

Awful non-call by the referee as Boucher is hammered inside. Lemanis protests, but to no avail.

Q2 8:39 Breakers 41 Crocs 39

Abercrombie hits a three, but immediately fouls Crawford who is shooting a three and he makes two of the free throws.

Q2 7:57 Breakers 38 Crocs 37

Crawford hits a big three from the top of the arc and Lemanis immediately calls timeout. He has 14 already.

Q2 6:02 Breakers 35 Crocs 29

Jackson is hammered as he tries to finish and goes to the line. He makes bothe free throws and is replaced on the floor by Abercrombie.

Q2 5:21 Breakers 31 Crocs 29

The Crocs have a numbers advantage in transition, but Gill loses the handle and the ball goes out of bounds.

Q2 4:13 Breakers 31 Crocs 29

Corletto finishes his good start with a nice lay in to get his 10 th point for then night.

Q2 3:00 Breakers 27 Crocs 29

Vukona gets it to Pledger on the inside and he finishes with a big jam which sets the crowd alight.

Q2 1:28 Breakers 21 Crocs 23

The Breakers let Jacob Holmes into the game for the Crocs as he is left wide open and shoot a three.

End of first quarter Breakers 21 Crocs 20

The Breakers fight back strongly to end the quarter in front. They're shooting at 50% from the floor so far and have restricted the Crocs to 35% accuracy. Tom Abercrombie is leading the way with eight first quarter points.

Q1 9:11 Breakers 19 Crocs 19

Abercrombie ties it up with a three point play. He caught the ball outside the arc and faked the three, before going inside and finishing as he was fouled.

Q1 7:45 Breakers 16 Crocs 19

Bruton sets the place with a three ball of his own. Corletto follows it up with a nice lay-up

Q1 6:40 Breakers 11 Crocs 19

Eddie Gill extends the Crocs' lead to eight with a contested three from the top of the arc.

Q1 5:41 Breakers 9 Crocs 16

Gill splits a pair of free throws after he is fouled by Jackson. The Breakers star guard takes a seat after his second personal.

Q1 4:51 Breakers 9 Crocs 15

Crawford hits a three in replay and Vukona fouls Sechenscher on their next defensive play. Lemanis calls time-out and has put on all bench players apart from Cedric JAckson. Schenscher makes both shots from the line.

Q1 4:12 Breakers 9 Crocs 10

Abercrombie nails a three-pointer from the the corner to stop a 4-0 Crocs run.

Q1 2:20 Breakers 4 Crocs 6

Luke Shenscher gets inside and dunks it for the Crocs to put the Crocs ahead.

Q1 0:40 Breakers 2 Crocs 0

Peter Crawford misses a three early and Wilkinson hauls in the rebound. Mika Vukona converts a jumper at the other end.


The starting fives have been announced and we're all but ready for tip-off in this do-or-die encounter.


Vector Arena is absolutely pumping as the Breakers are welcomed onto their home court.


The Breakers face another sudden death situation as they try to secure their Australian NBL finals berth against the Townsville Crocs at Vector Arena tonight.

After winning 94-83 at the Swamp two nights ago, the Breakers will carry all the momentum into the series decider back on their home floor.

However the memories of their meltdown here just over a week ago will be fresh in their mind and they will know they can't afford to be complacent.

The Breakers are set to start with a fully fit squad although there's bound to be some tired bodies after having less than 48 hours to recover from their win in Townsville.

Tonight's winner will meet the winner of the decider between the Wildcats and the Gold Coast Blaze in Perth tonight in a three game finals series.

Breakers starters: Cedric Jackson; Daryl Corletto; Thomas Abercrombie; Mika Vukona; Gary Wilkinson

Townsville starters: Eddie Gill; Peter Crawford; Todd Blanchfield; Jacob Holmes; Luke Schenscher