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Band Of Brothers

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Band of Brothers Factbox

Production of Band of Brothers began in April 2000, at the Hatfield Aerodrome in Hertfordshire, England, and finished eight months later.

The Hatfield Aerodrome is a former British Aerospace facility, where planes were built and tested. The site was never used for military purposes.

The village scenes of Saving Private Ryan were shot in a small portion of the same space Band of Brothers utilised at Hatfield.

Among some of the other interesting facts behind this major drama series are:

  1. The Band of Brothers backlot measured 1100 acres.

  2. The village, which became 11 different European cities and villages, was 12 acres in size.

  3. There are 500 speaking roles over the course of the series.

  4. The series used more than 10,000 extras.

  5. On average there were 750 cast and crew members on set.

  6. The heavy battle scenes saw the crew go through 14,000 rounds of ammunition per day.

  7. By the third episode (of ten), more pyrotechnics had been used than in all of Saving Private Ryan.

  8. 500 pairs of paratrooper jump boots were produced, to original army specifications.

  9. 700 authentic and 400 rubber prop weapons were used on the set.

  10. 150,000 kilograms of recycled paper were used to create artificial snow.

  11. The total budget for the series was $295,000,000 ($US 120,000,000).