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Ricki Lee Coulter

From "that" powerhouse vocal Australia fell in love with during her time as part of the Top 12 in 2004, to the love and compassion that surges out of the young host as the Series 6 mentor on Australian Idol, it's clear that NZ born Ricki-Lee Coulter's commitment in supporting the Idol phenomenon is only getting stronger. 2009 sees the charismatic star returning to the screen alongside Andrew G in what looks like the biggest year of Idol to date.

The hit show has welcomed Ricki-Lee back with open arms after launching her public musical profile back in 2004. Despite being a favourite to win the series, Ricki-Lee was shown firsthand how unpredictable Australian Idol can be when she was voted off mid-series in 7th place. This bittersweet experience combined with the exceptional musical path Ricki-Lee has gone on to pave, makes her the perfect candidate to nurture the Top 12 contestants as they walk this exciting, bumpy road.

Ricki-Lee has kicked goal after goal in the Australian pop market after signing with Shock Records - Australia's largest independent record label - back in 2005. The brave choice to shun the majors and go "indie" paid off. Four short years on Ricki-Lee has released two gold selling albums, produced seven Top 20 singles (Hell No!, Sunshine, Can't Touch It, Love Is All Around, Can't Sing a Different Song, Wiggle It) and signed a number of international record deals.

Having recently returned from three-months in the US working on her third studio album, slated for release in October 2009, Ricki-Lee released debut single, Don't Miss You, on July 31. The new pop/rock sound Ricki-Lee has found herself attuned to, is raw, edgy, fierce and suits the subjects of strength, freedom and self-empowerment that she so candidly discusses after a personally turbulent year in 2008.

This year, Ricki-Lee is focusing on a new life, a new album, a new series of Australian Idol and a new sense of direction.