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Millen the male model

Millen, of Auckland Daze on TVNZ Ondemand

Millen is a self-centred, unemployed 35-year-old male model who lives with his single mother, Wanda, a celebrity real estate agent, in her $3 million Parnell mansion. 

Millen receives an exorbitant weekly allowance, he enjoys being styled by his mum, he cannot cook, he doesn't have to work and his mum is his best friend and confidante ... in fact their relationship is rather creepy.

We spent a few minutes with Millen between jobs ...

Hey Millen, how you going? 
By Audi man! How you gonna get there?

So we hear you're a male model. What's the best job you ever had? 
Cleaning Mum's pool.

What's the last job you had? 
See above.

We hear you're a bit of a ladies man. Tell us about the best date you've been on. 
I helicoptered a bird in to Stoneyridge Vineyard on Waiheke once for champers and strawberries and then I popped her cherry.

What's  the worst date you've been on?
I took a girl who I thought was 'the one' to Disneyland, but when we got there all she could say was, "Is this it?  Is this Disneyland!  It's for kids!" Absolute nightmare!

A little bird tells us you're a mumm y's boy - what do you make of that?  
Was that the short bird from Melbourne? Hey, mum's the word, man! 

Tell us more about your mum ... 
She's sexy, generous and makes a lot of allowances for me. She also gives me a weekly allowance.  She's the celebrity real estate agent, Wanda Phillips.  You've probably seen her billboards, "Wanda Woman".

How would you describe your mate Fasi? 
He's a bro with a 'fro!  Fasi's a stand-up comedian now. He was sick of being the token brown guy when he was an actor, he was always losing out on roles to Robbie Magasiva.

How would you describe your mate Jimmy? 
He's a small wonder. The best dwarf I know. He's gunning for a role on The Hobbit.

How would you describe your mate Glen? 
Glen is a ninja with a ninja-like sense of humour!

And finally, how would you describe yourself? 
Good sense in terms of fashion and birds.