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Glen the stuntman

Glen, of Auckland Daze on TVNZ Ondemand

Glen is a wisecracking, volatile stuntman with an insatiable knowledge of human pressure points and the ancient martial art of Ninjutsu.  He's currently employed as a stuntman on the high rating TV series, Achilles, a rival show to Spartacus. 

However, Glen's no nonsense attitude and disdain of idiots forces him to overreact and he's on his last warning at work for aggressive behaviour.

We had a chance to go a few rounds with Glen ...

Rumour has it you're quite the martial arts expert. 
The rumours are correct. I can hurt people, both physically and emotionally.

So how did you learn you could kick some ass? 
I was protecting my mum against my dad and I was just a natural.

Rumour also has it you're the twentieth most deadly man on the planet - couldn't you make the top ten?  
It gives me something to strive for. It's just a number anyway.  

You have any luck with the ladies? 
I do. I like to entertain and perform for them. Always goes down smooth.

Who's your ideal chick and why? 
Probably in her fifties, a real estate agent who lives in Parnell.

How would you describe your mate Fasi? 
Fasi's a great joker.

How would you describe your mate Millen? 
Millen's got a hot mum.

How would you describe your mate Jimmy? 
Jimmy's not short on laughs.

And finally, how would you describe yourself? 
I'm like a good wine, nice body with big tannins!