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Fasi is a completely unfunny stand-up comedian who works part-time in an adult sex store.

A former actor who trained at the Unitec School of Performing and Screen Arts, Fasi entered the stand-up comedy world a) because of unemployment and b) because he wanted a voice. 

The trouble is, he doesn't know what he wants to say.

We caught up with Fasi for a quick chat ...

So you're a stand-up comic -  tell us a great joke.
Mum said that I was such a dark baby that when I was born the doctor said, "whoops, you've burnt the bun".

When did you realise you were funny? 
I guess when people I didn't know actually laughed at my jokes. It's easier to be funny with your family and friends but when strangers laugh, you kinda go, "sweet."

Who are your comedy heroes and inspirations? 
Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Bernie Mac, Paul Mooney,  Richard Pryor, Louis CK, Bill Hicks, Robin Williams (I saw him in live at the Vector. It was an education). To be honest, I learn something from every comic I watch.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years' time? 
Headlining international comedy festivals. Probably dividing my time between work in NZ and abroad.

Got any advice for budding comics out there?  
Premise + point of view + twist = joke. That's the general gist of it. Comedian TJ Miller told me that for him stand-up was about "ushering the audience into your perspective." I guess what he's saying is that if you find something funny, if you can get the audience to see that, hopefully they'll find it funny too.

How would you describe your mate Millen? 
I only know two genuinely funny people in my life: My cousin Radley, and Millen. He's loyal and will always try and help you out.

How would you describe your mate Glen?
Glen is an endless supply of info-crack (information crack) and I am an info-crack addict. You can have endless conversations with Glen about the most interesting stuff. And he's handy in a fight. Which is just as well cos I'm more of a lover.

How would you describe your mate Jimmy?
Jimmy is all heart. He's a hard worker and what you'd describe as a good Kiwi bloke.