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2007 Episode 3: Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes

This film follows the life and work of acclaimed wilderness photographer Andris Apse - a master craftsman acknowledged not only as New Zealand's finest panoramic landscape photographer but one of the world's best. Over a thirty year career he has won many internationally prestigious awards both here and overseas.

Andris has brought a purity, technical  rigour and indefinable beauty to his work that far transcends the "Kodak" moment and produces images that genuinely redefine his art.

This film traces not only Andy's journey as a photographer but his life story. First as a refugee child from war torn Latvia through his difficult and sometimes abusive childhood to his present home living in the wilds of Okarito on the west coast of New Zealand's South Island.

We accompany Andris on some of his photographic trips from the beaches and rain forests of Westland to stunning alpine heights, where we see first hand the dedication, physical effort and craft that lie behind his stunning photos.

The film examines Andris' philosophy to living in the bush and taking wilderness photos as well as his refusal to compromise. On occasions it has taken him several years and many thousands of dollars to take a frame he considers good enough.

But this is far more than just a film about a talented photographer. Andris is revealed as a superb bushman, a hunter, a conservationist and a family man who has reconciled both a difficult and occasionally uplifting past. 

It is the sum of all these experiences that makes him who he is today and who is revealed in this film.