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Arrow returns!

Arrow returns Thursdays at 8.30 on TV2

Arrow returns this week for season two and five months after the destruction of The Glades, Oliver Queen is still reeling from the death of his best friend Tommy.

As Oliver retreats to the island to mourn Tommy, his allies in Starling City continue to deal with the aftermath of The Undertakings’ destruction of The Glades.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for Arrow this year and Stephen Amell reveals that Oliver will have a new approach after the events of Season 1.

“There was very little that was heroic about what he was doing last year.” Amell told Access Hollywood. “Save for what he attempted at the very, very end, it was all vengeance and revenge and the burden of his father.”

Amell says that season 2 will see a lighter side of Oliver. “What he’s doing and how he is spending his nights is making him feel good,” he explains. “He’s not really chasing a ghost anymore.”

See what’s in store as a brand new season of Arrow hits your screens, Thursday 13th February at 8.30pm.