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Series 6, Episode 12 Prayer For The Dying 30 Jan 15 00:40:28

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Are You My Tribe?


About Are You My Tribe

Are You My Tribe on TV ONE

Mikey Havoc is a proud North Shore boy who loves his country. 

But something's been bugging him.

He's not happy with the fact that while he lives alongside Maori his actual knowledge of things Maori is pretty limited.

Mikey sets out to put that to rights, getting up close and personal with three iwi  - the wealthy, business astute South island tribe Ngai Tahu, the first language speaking Ngai Tuhoe from the central North Island and the largest tribe, the former ferocious war mongers from Northland,  Nga Puhi.

He wants to find out what makes each one unique but also wants to learn where he fits in as a white New Zealander in New Zealand.