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Animal House on TV ONE

Animal House on TV ONE

This programme is now off-air.

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Visit the official Auckland SPCA website here   

With months of drought followed by months of rain and the onset of the economic recession, it's proving a tough and busy year for staff of the SPCA.

The frontline inspectors are being inundated with cases of starving and mistreated animals and they are taking a much harder line on negligent or abusive owners.

The SPCA now has a zero tolerance policy which has seen the number of prosecutions under the Animal Welfare act soar and courts have responded with higher fines reinforcing the message that mistreating animals is unacceptable.

As a result, the new series of Animal House features a greater number of gritty, confrontational and investigative stories, alongside the now popular mix of reality stories about the efforts of the staff and volunteers to help animals in need.