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Amazing Extraordinary Friends


See how heroes were formed!

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Showing on TVNZ Ondemand in eight online-only webisodes, AEF: Origins takes us right back to the very beginning of the age of heroes. 

We meet veteran superhero The Green Termite and career bad-guy Dominic Renfield as youngsters and discover how they ended up on opposite sides of the superhero fence.

It tells the story of how a young Harry Seaforth (The Green Termite) first discovers the super insignia, the source of Captain X's extraordinary powers.

We learn how Dominic Renfield's insatiable lust for power caused him to turn his back on all that he loved and betray his life long friend.

And finally witness Harry transforming into The Green Termite for the very first time in order to unite a motley band of heroes and form the very first Amazing Extraordinary Friends.

New episodes every Monday and Thursday!