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Africa Overland

About Jonny Curtis

Johnny Curtis's decision to do Africa was a bit of a last minute one.  To be fair, he didn't have much time to think about it.

When the guy that Visionary TV had originally selected pulled out quite late in the piece because of family commitments, there was a bit of a panic and rushing round to find  an alternative traveller.  Fortunately Johnny put his hand up - at 27, he hadn't had the OE that a lot of his friends had, having gone straight into the workforce straight out of university and stayed there. 

He'd been to Australia and Vanuatu but decided he ought to see a bit more of the world and five weeks in Africa seemed like a good break from his full-on job as a real estate agent in Wellington.

"Friends have told me lots of positive things about Africa - hope they haven't talked it up too much but I'm looking forward to experiencing a bit of what's out there."