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Week 13: results

Well done to Logan Park (Declan Smith, Casey Broad, Gina Manning) for their win against Garin College (Mat Goodman, Nic Barkley, Kendal McSorley) in this tight semi final.

Here are the results and comments:

Green team: Garin

Used low fat sour cream and orange for dressing which reduced the fat content
Used 1/2 potatoes 1/2 kumara to lower the GI.
Served with spinach salad.

Red team: Logan Park

Made own marinade using low sodium tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar and the spices - garam masala, paprika and thyme which  reduced  the  sodium/salt content.
Reduced fat by using low fat yoghurt instead of mayo. 
Used cherry tomatoes instead of mushrooms  for colour.