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Q&A with Danny Hay

9:58AM Tuesday June 10, 2014

TVNZ caught up with Danny Hay, who made his debut for the All Whites back in 1996, and went on to play 31 matches for New Zealand.  He was named captain in 2006, and retiring from international football in 2007.

Q&A with Danny Hay

Danny Hay representing New Zealand

Q1:  What are your predictions for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final?

Hay:  Brazil versus Spain, if they can manage to avoid each other on the path to the final.  Germany and Argentina are two others who should be there or there about, given the quality in their respective squads.

Q2:  And who do you think will win?

Hay:  Spain.  Brazil may find the pressure of expectation too much to cope with on home soil, and Spain have a tried and tested formula.  They have the ability to win ugly or with style!

Q3:  Which 'outsider' nation's team could cause an upset?

Hay:  Belgium and the USA, if they can be regarded as "minnows".  Both nations qualified well and have shown enough recent form to suggest they will upset some of the game's so called big guns.

Q4:  What's your favourite memory from past World Cups?

Hay:  It has to be Diego Maradona's double against England in 1986.  His first, the "Hand of God" goal, was obviously controversial.  But his incredible second was sheer genius.

Q5:  And finally, what about your most memorable World Cup final of all time?

Hay:  The 2006 final between Italy and France.  Zinedine Zidane was mercurial throughout the tournament but will forever be remembered for his brain snap in the final when he head butted Italian defender Marco Materazzi.  For one of the world's greatest ever players, it was a sad way to go out.


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